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Music Videos

New Music Video shoot with calebfolks. coming up Feb. 10, 2019

"Come Together" by Sons of the Sea:

"What I'm Looking For" by Ross Copley:

"Flowers Ain't Gonna Fix This" by Lyndsey Highlander:

"The Only One" by Sean Seay:

"Fake It Till I mAke It" by in layman terms:

"About Time" by Broke Royals:

"My Own Thing" by Double A:

"We're The Kids" by Parade of Lights:

"Dreamers" by The Royal Foundry:

"Let It Grow" by Big Mama Shakes:

"Forever With You" by Justin Morgan

Behind the scenes with sean seay:

"Tonight Tonight" by John King

Music Videos for artists of all genres.  Concept design, videography, editing, directing and production.  Creating the music video you want may be easier than you think.  Let us help.  New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, or anywhere else - we can come to you.  Website videos, videos for small businesses, short commercials, sporting events, interviews, documentaries, training videos, special events.  These are just some of the other projects we cover.  If you are looking for comprehensive video production for your business or event, send us an email to check our calendar.  The right video for your business or event could make the difference.  Imagine the impact your event can have after the fact if you have a short video production that everyone can share on Facebook, Twitter or Google plus.  You can reach thousands of people after your event is over if you take the time to hire the right event photographer and filmmaker now.  Help your business with video.  Use film to increase sales or increase donations.  

If you need video for your corporate retreat, or an introductory video for your website, we can help.  If you are having a destination event or wedding, call us to help assemble the right team.  Hire the best right here in the United States and take your own production team with you.   Thank you for considering Keith Reagan Film and Video, a quality videographer in Virginia and beyond.
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